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Hey everyone, 

It's been a long couple of months with the emergency order in place to limit the spread of covid-19.
We are putting policies and safety measures in place in accordance with new regulations. 
Some of the changes you will notice upon arrival is that ALL visitors MUST check in with reception and will no longer be permitted to roam the lot without first letting us know that you are on the property. This is to limit the number of people we have on site at any given time. 
If you have been sick with symptoms that are consistent with Covid-19 we ask that you do not visit us until the 14 day period of isolation is complete. 
We will be keeping a log of visitors inside the building.
Regular cleaning is being done on all high touch surfaces (hourly) and personal workspaces (daily)
We have restricted access to the building itself for easier cleaning.
We are practicing Physical Distancing, keeping 2 meters apart. There will be markers on floors to indicate safe distances. 
We have hand sanitizer placed at entrances, and visitors will be required to use it upon entry to the dealership.
We are asking that you do not bring your whole family to the dealership, please leave children and pets at home. While we understand that an RV is essentially a home-away-from-home and the purchase is important for the whole family, we are trying our best to limit the number of people here at one time.
While this is not a comprehensive list of changes we are making, this message is meant to inform, and prepare you for your visit.
We look forward to greeting you.